Three significant video pieces by Anouk de Clercq for the summer period 21 July – 1 September on the Suburban PS Parallel Screen: Oops Wrong Planet, Me+ and Swan Song.
Oops Wrong Planet | Anouk de Clercq | 21 July – 3 August

Oops Wrong Planet shows an attractive, rolling landscape from a different planet. An attempt is made to establish contact. Long-distance communication is possible, albeit with some interference on the line. Clear contact appears impossible, though. The static appears like a veil that clouds the picture. The soundtrack of Scanner reinforces the static between distance and vicinity even further. There’s the temptation to look behind the picture, so as to bypass the interference and get to a clear picture. Oops Wrong Planet permanently switches between what seems possible and impossible in terms of contact. It’s a grope in the dark, in search of the place where real contact can be possible, beyond time and space.

The work consists of a video and a publication.

BIO Anouk De Clercq studied piano in Ghent and film at the Sint Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design. Her works explore the audiovisual potential of computer language to create possible worlds, many of which have a strongly architectonic character. She has received several awards, including the Illy Prize at Art Brussels in 2005 and a Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention in 2014.Her work has been shown in Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, MAXXI, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ars Electronica, among others.
Anouk De Clercq is affiliated to the School of Arts University College Ghent as an artistic researcher. She’s a founding member of Auguste Orts and is represented by G262 Sofie Van de Velde.